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Testimonials for Beauty and Aesthetics Treatments

I have used Anu for several years now. She is extremely professional and always makes me feel totally at ease. I’ve followed her when she’s moved locations- even though she keeps moving further away! I trust her advice completely and would recommend her to anyone. Peta Machin - 5 Stars

Excellent beautician. I have been seeing Anu regularly for over 5 years now and as well as the treatments being to a high standard, she is very professional, friendly and puts you at ease. Highly recommend full body massage - so relaxing! - Amanda Barker-Adams - 5 Stars

Anu is very professional in a friendly way that makes the client feel immediately relaxed. Her standard of work is high and she is very conscientious, you will leave feeling rejuvenated - L.M.W - 5 Stars

Hi Anu, I hope you had a good weekend. I just wanted to say thank you. This is the fourth time I have had lash extensions from you. Not only did I enjoy my appointment but I'm back from my holiday and after following your instructions they are still fully intact. I'm chuffed to bits and won't ever let anyone else near them. -  Jo

I have been going to Anu for years (recommended to me by my sister). Have had lots of different treatments which am always very happy with and am always made to feel very welcome and comfortable. I would definitely recommend Anu Beauty to family and friends! x - Trish Lowe – 5 star

Went for my first facial with Anu last night as a birthday treat and it was amazing....totally and utterly relaxing! X - Lauren Shirley – 5 star

I have been looked after by the beautiful Anu for 11 years - I think that speaks volumes...... Alison Maxwell – 5 star

"Anu has been my beautician now for about 10 years. Her facials are amazing!! She is responsible for all my 'Top to Toe' beauty and had to endure my random time keeping and appointment alterations form me!! She is a STAR." - Jayne Maxwell

C Curl EyeLash - Can definitely recommend - was really pleased with the results first time I had it and will certainly have it done again. - Jennifer W

IPL (Permanent Hair Removal) has changed my life after many many years of suffering in silence. I'm so thrilled with tihe amazing results. Thank you Anu for recommending it. See you soon. Zllian x


Testimonials for Semi-Permanent/ Permanent Make-Up

Just to say thank you for doing my brows on Saturday! I love them. The scabs have fallen off completely now and they look really natural. I've noticed my natural hair beginning to grow in the spaces where I didn't have any brow before too! -Haley

"I recently came to you to have semi-permanent eyebrows and I would like to say how happy I am with my eyebrows and how professional and quick you were, I can't stop showing them off! Now I can't wait to have my eyeliner done in a few weeks time, thank you again!" - Sonia

"Having the enhancements done, has given a major boost to my confidence! I don't know how I managed before without them. I intend to have topped up when needed! I'm just a better me!... what more can I say!" - Prosperity Osborne

"It's simply natural and effective in appearance-best decision I ever made with Anu's guidance" - Privna Shah

"Having lost part of an eyebrow during my pregnancy I was apprehensive about this treatment. I am, however, delighted.. I came out of the procedure and went straight to Waitrose shopping & it is so realistic even my husband didn't notice. I am really truly impressed with Anu's eye for detail and professionalism ... as well as her follow-up. Thank you Anu!" - Vanessa Kimbell

"Having my eyebrows tattooed was one of the best beauty treatments I have had. I was a little nervous about the procedure, but Anu made me feel at ease and was extremely professional and friendly. It was only slightly uncomfortable and it didn't take too long. The colour was a little bit darker to begin with , but in few days they looked great everybody had made comments on how good they look. And they do. I now have beautiful, but natural looking perfect eyebrows!.." - Camilla Sharman

"At 53, I felt it was time for a re-vamp. I have never been great at spending time applying make-up and consequently never considered myself to very good at it. I cannot recount the times when I have applied make-up, forgotten that I have and managed to rub most of it off – great when you are in the middle of a client meeting!!

Permanent make-up seemed to be the ideal solution for me, the base eyeliner and full lip make-up were always there and I could add to it if I chose to. I was particularly interested in getting my lips done as my top lip had all but disappeared and was almost the same colour as my skin.

Anu was great, she talked me through the process in detail and gave me a written account of the procedure. Anu did a colour test on me so we could decide beforehand what colours would be right for me. I was thinking of a brown eyeliner but Anu steered me towards a greenish blue, which was the right decision to make, and I am really pleased with it.

Anu picked out a pink lip colour that matched exactly my natural lip colour and then darkened this slightly. I would recommend that you go outside and check the colour in natural light before making a final commitment. I found that the lip colour was too dark for me and went for the more natural look.

I had the eyeliner and lip work done separately and I would advise this to anyone thinking of going down the permanent make up route. The procedure takes a number of hours and I would definitely say that having the eyeliner done first is the best way round. It feels quite tickly but as time goes on it does become a little sore and puffy but it doesn't hurt. The lips, because the blood vessels are so close to the surface react in a different way and because I had a full lip treatment I believe the reaction I had was a lot stronger and your lips do feel very sore towards the end of the treatment.

I suffer from cold sores and had the Mother of all cold sores for 10 days after the treatment and did look like I had had a bad botox job!

Was it worth it? Absolutely! Would I have it done again – No question! I can't tell you how many people have told me I look 10 years younger. It's given me a huge boost. I am looking forward to completing the follow up treatment as one lower lid did not take as well but I have every confidence in Anu as she carried out the procedure in a professional manner and with due care and attention and above all she listened to my requirements" - Jacqui

"I recommend your services to anyone who is interested in having this type of semi permanent make up. As you know I had considered having my eyebrows shaped and tattooed for sometime now as although I have eyebrows they are thinning a bit due to over zealous plucking.

For those of you who are considering this treatment, let me explain the process. The initial consultation involves a discussion with Anu about what you want to achieve.  Anu will discuss what options are best for you, she will then draw your eyebrows and shape them to suit your face and enhance your eyes.

Once you and Anu are settled on the shape, Anu will then match the colour she is to use to your own eyebrow colour.  The she will do a test patch on you to ensure that you do not have an allergic reaction. You will then book your appointment.

On arrival for the treatment, you will go through the process of your initial consultation. The most time consuming element of this is the shaping and drawing of the brows, this has to be 100% accurate as the next step will be the tattooing.
Once you are agreed on this the tattooing begins.  The eyebrows are cleaned and an anaesthetic cream is used to numb the area that is going to be worked on.  The procedure is not painful, though may feel slightly uncomfortable, anaesthetic cream is applied throughout the treatment.

Once completed, you will receive an aftercare pack and instructions. The eyebrows do look quite dark at first, but do not be alarmed, as this really lasts no more than 1 week. One week on you will have beautifully shaped eyebrows that define and enhance the appearance of your eyes.

You can enhance the appearance of the eyes even further by having an eyelash perm and tint" - Michelle

Bonjour Anu

I would just like to thankyou for the semi permanent makeup you did for me last tuesday afternoon.

I didn't have very much swelling so that was great. My eyes have all healed now and, I would like to thankyou for doing such a great job.

I will let you know when I have booked my flight to come back.


Sharon Battison