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Profhilo® (Skin Booster)

Profhilo® is a stabilized hyaluronic acid-based product intended for skin remodelling. Skin boosters are quickly becoming one of the most popular non-surgical treatments to improve the overall skin quality and enhance the glow of the skin. Acne scarring, fine lines and small wrinkles can be reduced through a skin-booster treatment. One of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid in the market.

While traditional injectable derma filler targets specific areas of the face, more and more people are looking for a total solution to improve skin hydration, production of collagen and the overall quality of their skin. This treatment is a bespoke option for those looking for an all-inclusive solution to glowing, youthful skin.

Skin boosters work to improve the overall smoothness, structure and elasticity of the skin. The treatment reduces fine lines, wrinkles and irregularities like acne scarring for an overall youthful appearance and overall skin rejuvenation.

This treatment delivers moisture to the deepest layers of the skin. With continued use, your skin’s hydration, collagen, structure and elasticity can be improved. The product administered also stimulates collagen synthesis, elastin production and improves both resilience and hydration.

Skin boosters can be easily administered in a 30 minute appointment. After a complimentary consultation, products are injected into the areas being treated such as the face, the neck, the décolleté or the hands.

In order to achieve a perfect treatment outcome, we recommend three treatments in three months to rejuvenate the skin and achieve long lasting results. The effect after three sessions usually lasts up to 18 months.

Profhilo® Benefits

  • Improve skin structure and texture
  • Reduce fine lines, wrinkles and acne scarring
  • Boost collagen production for smoother, plumper skin
  • Hydrate skin from deep below the surface 

We can also provide an alternative skin booster brand at a lower price. Please call for more information.

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Seventy Hyal

Seventy Hyal can be used for several different facial areas to create a glowing, youthful appearance. It can also be used to refresh and rejuvenate the neck area, décolleté, arms and hands.

Two to three treatments of Seventy Hyal, four weeks apart will be required initially, to achieve full results. Dependent on the individual, a fourth treatment may be necessary in some cases. Treatments will subsequently require top ups every 6-12 months, dependent on skin quality.

Seventy Hyal 2000 comprises of sterile, pyrogen-free, viscoelastic sodium hyaluronate (also known as hyaluronic acid). Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally-occurring substance within the body, wherever moisture is deposited.

One of the key differentiating factors of Seventy Hyal 2000 is the introduction of active fragments of HA, at different molecular weights. The biological functions elicited are differentiated according to varying molecular weights of HA.

Seventy Hyal Composition

  • Seventy Hyal 2000 contains high molecular weight > (2000 kDa) sodium hyaluronate.
  • 1.5 % HA, obtained by bacterial fermentation without chemical modification.
  • Other ingredients: Sodium Chloride, Disodium Phosphate 2H20 Monosodium Phosphate 2H20, Water for Injection.

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