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Frequently Asked Questions

about Semi-Permanent Make-Up


What happens during a treatment?

After your first consultation the shape and colour of your treatment is agreed on between the client and technician and the pigment is placed into the skin accordingly. A procedure for one area takes approximately one hour. We use topical numbing agent and this is used throughout the treatment to make the treatment painless.

Who is Permanent Make-Up suitable for?

For women who want to feel good about themselves and be confident make up application this is faultless. With endurance way beyond anything conventional cosmetics can offer! Perfect Make-Up 24/7 also offers life changing benefit to alopecia suffers or anyone who is suffering hair loss following chemotherapy.

Is it expensive?

No. Not if you look at the long-term cost and effects. It costs more than a year's cosmetics bill, but is little compared to two years of daily make-up expenses it doesn't run or wash off and is a great time-saver. So we think that it's worth every penny to make the most of your natural beauty. Effortlessly.

Is there any chance of infection?

The strictest sterilisation procedures are adhered to at all times. A new, single use disposable, sterile needle is used for your complete safety. All procedures conform to the British and European Health and Safety standards. Lip treatments may occasionally cause a cold sore. Clients who are prone to an outbreak should use a topical treatment for a few days beforehand.

What about allergic reaction?

Tattoo pigments have been used for thousands of years and reactions are very rare. Nouveau Contour pigments are of the highest grade and are hypoallergenic. However we do always advise a patch test.

How long will the effects last?

Some pigment will remain in the skin permanently but will gradually fade over time. It varies from client to client but generally lasts 3 to 6 years. We recommend a colour boost within 2 years to maintain freshness.

How soon can I go out?

Immediately. Some clients do experience some swelling and redness which normally subsides within 48 hrs. The colour will be approximately 30-40% darker and the area may be dry and flaky for 3-7 days after the treatment.

What if fashions change?

We would never perform a treatment that is too dramatic or trendy. Because the idea is to enhance rather than change your features. Colours are chosen to compliment your skin tone, hair and eye colour. Colours can be intensified or changed at any time if you wish.